Making an appointment

Before getting tattooed, a consultation is essential so we can discuss ideas and look at different reference, designs, etc and see what going to work best for you.

Every piece is designed from scratch for the individual customer, so each piece is a one off that will be only for you, the owner and wearer of it.

Once we have established a basic idea and are both happy to go ahead with the work, then I begin the process of designing, and you will have a chance to review the design before getting tattooed.

All appointments need to be secured by a deposit which is fully refundable.

Most of my work is carried out over multiple sessions.

The consultation will allow us also to give you a rough estimate of time and cost involved, this always varies from person to person as each design is custom produced.

You are never obliged or obligated to get tattooed at any point, and I aim to give the customer what they are after within the boundaries of my chosen and preferred styles of work. However, I am open to discuss different ideas I may not have done in the past as well.

Please call or email for more information.

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